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Minecraft Game Guide

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Game goal: obtain the “Not quite nine lives” advancement, aka charge a Respawn Anchor to the max.

  1. Punch wood with hand, make wooden tools.
  2. Obtain stone tools.
  3. 2 people explore for better gear and ruined portals. 2 people mine for iron and gold. We don’t really need diamonds except for a diamond pick.

    This is what a ruined portal looks like:

    Ruined Portal

    • We can expect about 0-2 crying obsidian per portal, upwards of 5.
    • Doesn’t generate super frequently so the higher priority is going to the Nether.
  4. We need 6 crying obsidian and 7 glowstone to create and fully charge a respawn anchor. Options:
    • Piglin Trading Farm - piglins drop at 8.71% chance.
    • Exploring