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Website Contribution Guide

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First, make sure you have git set up.

Table of Contents

Downloading the Source Code

You can follow the git setup guide, and clone this repository. If you are using command-line, the command is:

git clone https://github.com/dudesof708/dudesof708.com.git

Making Contributions

To load the website code, after finding your repository, head to GitHub Desktop if you are using GitHub Desktop and Command Line if you are using git.

We use HTML, Javascript, and CSS to host a static page of our website. It is deployed with Jekyll, but you don’t need to know or worry about how this works. Simply edit the website in your preferred text editor and push your changes as described in Uploading Contributions.

GitHub Desktop


If you are using GitHub Desktop, you need to switch from the master branch to the gh-pages branch, so select Current Branch on the top of the window and select gh-pages to switch to it. You should immediately see all the website files show up in the project folder.

Command Line

If you are using git, simply run the following command to switch branches:

git checkout gh-pages

Uploading Contributions

Find the subheading that describes you and following the instructions for adding your changes to the website.

Dudes of 708 Member

As a member, we use a 100% trust system and do not verify your changes, as a static site can easily be rolled back if you make a mistake. Follow the following steps to upload your changes:

If you are using GitHub Desktop:

  1. Type a description of your changes in the Summary box in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click the blue Commit to gh-pages button in the bottom left corner.
  3. On the top bar, Fetch origin will change to Push changes. Click it. Your changes are now uploaded.

If you are using Git, it’s as simple as:

git commit -m <summary of your changes>
git push

Friends of 708

You’ll have to fork the repository and make a pull request. Your pull request will recieve immediate attention as a friend of 708. Additionally, you could also help us fill out this section with detailed instructions!

Everyone Else

As with the friends of 708, you’ll have to fork the repository and make a pull request. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!