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Using ChompChomp

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This guide primarily serves to show you how to setup and use ChompChomp.

Table of Contents

Please follow the section header to your respective device.


Android Preparation

This guide assumes you meet the following requirements:

Android Installation Guide

  1. Open Discord, and find the Dudes of 708 Discord server. Navigate to the private channel #708-projects and check pinned for the latest ChompChomp build. Find a message with an attachment that ends in .ipa. Download this file to your device.
  2. Open your file browser, then tap on the .ipa file you just downloaded. Select a package manager if prompted.
    • Note: you may get a security warning. You’ll have to follow the steps to “Allow unknown apps” as this app is being downloaded from somewhere outside the Play Store.
  3. A screen should come up asking you to install the app. Tap Install.


iOS Preparation

This guide assumes you meet the following requirements:

iOS Installation Guide

  1. On your computer, head to AltStore and download the macOS or Windows version corresponding to your computer.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, and run the program.
    • For macOS, you have the optional installation step of copying the file your Applications folder. This step is not necessary.
    • For Windows, the program you launched is actually a setup file and you will have to install AltStore to your computer.
  3. If AltStore isn’t launched, launch it now.
  4. Connect your iOS device to your computer and unlock it.
    • If you have issues connecting your device, try to use an official Apple cable with USB-A 2.0.
    • If prompted, you may need to provide your password and trust the computer you just connected.
  5. Open iTunes and go to the sync tab for your device, and enable syncing over WiFi.
    • For certain macOS devices, you may need to open Finder and enable the option for showing the device on WiFi.
  6. Click the AltServer logo on your notification bar (both macOS and Windows) and find your device, then click Install AltStore.
  7. Provide your Apple ID email and password.
    • If you have a developer account, use this, as it will keep your app active for 1 year instead of 7 days. You can obtain one from Apple for $99 a year.
    • If you are using macOS, you’ll need to install a plug-in for the Mail app. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. Open Discord, and find the Dudes of 708 server and find the private #708-projects channel. Check the pinned tab for the latest .ipa download of ChompChomp, and navigate to this message.
  9. Download the message by tapping on the file, then tapping the more/share icon and saving the file to your Files app.
    • If you are using an older version that does not support the Files app, you may need to jailbreak. Contact the Discord channel for help.
  10. Open AltStore on your iOS device, navigate to the My Apps tab, and press the + button.
  11. Find the .ipa file in your Files app that you downloaded from Discord, and select it. ChompChomp should now be installed.